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Dr. Carol W. Weber

Director of New Technologies and Innovation (NTI), Gates Corporation


Dr. Carol W. Weber is the Director of New Technology and Innovation (NTI) for the Gates Corporation.  Founded in 1911, Gates Corporation has grown from its home in Denver to span the globe providing premier quality power transmission and fluid power products for the automotive and industrial markets. Gates advances the science of motion performance by being the partner of choice for the most trusted systems, services, and components in power transmission and fluid transfer applications.

Dr. Carlson’s career spans industries from aerospace to medical to mining.  As a Mechanical Engineer licensed in Colorado and Florida, most of her design career focused on hypergolic rocket propellants and cryogenic life support systems – it’s all power transmission and fluid power - just with different engines and fluids!  Working at the Kennedy Space Center immersed her in the application of innovation for both manned and unmanned missions.  ‘We delivered the impossible – on budget, within scope and on schedule.  It was an amazing experience.’

Her consulting business concentrated on performance optimization and strategic decision making, which fit well with managing innovation.  ‘Innovation without rigor is indiscriminate.  Too much rigor, however, stifles creativity so we must adjust the sails over time to maintain balance.’

The Gates NTI team augments the strength of Engineering R&D by pushing the envelope for growth.  They take on less defined project ideas that can be riskier and less likely to succeed than the core of R&D in order to return audacious new growth.  They partner with the successful engineers, designs and plans already hard at work to drive success for Gates.

PhD - Colorado School of Mines, Dissertation topic: Optimization of Telecommunications Resources

MSME - University of Central Florida. Thesis topic: Mass Flow Measurement through the Liquid Airpack Respirator

BSME – University of Florida