BEN Helps High Growth Aerospace Company’s Drive for Continued Success

Blue Canyon Technologies, a small company that produces high quality Nano spacecraft systems and components, partnered with The Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network to sustain an impressive growth over the last  year. BCT specializes in the development of  precision star trackers, reaction wheels, attitude control systems, power systems, and complete small spacecraft. BCT, founded in 2008 by George Stafford, Stephen Steg, and Matthew Beckner and funded by the Air Force Research Lab, began by utilizing the expertise of their highly experienced founders to propel forward the Nano satellite industry. BCT has advanced small space craft to new heights with their first flight scheduled for Dec 3rd of this year. For Blue Canyon, working with innovative and prosperous companies means working with the best and most influential companies in the aerospace industry. A few of these companies include: NASA, AFRL, JPL and the University of Colorado LASP. The BCT team, comprised of 20 team members, have been able to steadily grow this prosperous and innovative company at an astonishing rate. This rapid growth can be credited to the immensely productive BCT team. The company’s growth was impressive, but to attain the prestige they possess now BCT elicited the help of the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network. 

George Heinrichs, a Blackstone Entrepreneur who works to connect companies – thereby influencing their growth – has acted as a key mentor to BCT. Heinrichs has helped BCT establish a group of highly competent advisors to regularly meet with BCT’s founders to discuss financial strategy, fiscal planning and negotiations. George’s efforts to bring BCT to the forefront of aerospace technology development have been instrumental in BCT’s growth. George Stafford, president of BCT, asserted this success by saying “George Heinrichs is our board of 1, A+!”

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