University Parent educates the other side of the college equation - the Parents

University Parent provides connections, support & information for high school & college parents. Through the platform, parents can find important resources such as: upcoming university events, guidance on supporting their student, details on graduation requirements, as well as off-campus and local resources like nearby hotels for campus visits, banks and safe student apartments. 

70% of students talk or text with their parent daily, and two-thirds say that they discuss purchasing decision with their parents, making parents' influence significant, because this audience spends more than $100 billion a year to support their kids through every stage of the college journey. 

The University Parent team, led by CEO Sarah Schupp, has monetized the platform primarily through advertising revenue. However, the company is pivoting towards a new course with the help of the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network. Mark Retzloff, a Blackstone Entrepreneur, is leading the network in assisting Sarah with this mission.

The team has already made huge strides in achieving this new goal and plans to roll-out their new platform within the year. 

In late January, UniversityParent licensed the legacy advertising business to the AroundCampus Group so that they could focus on building their new platform and revenue model.

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