Led by CEO David Brunel, Biodesix has pioneered tests that require only a simple blood draw to deliver results within 72 hours. The company’s genomic and multivariate protein diagnostic tests, GeneStrat™ and VeriStrat ®, let physicians make faster and more personalized treatment decisions and provide more accurate prognoses for their patients. The “liquid biopsy” approach is non-invasive and allows patients to avoid the risk, cost, and recovery time of a traditional tissue biopsy. Biodesix is leading the diagnostic industry by developing tests to identify patients who may benefit from immunotherapies, among the most promising new developments in cancer treatment. The company also partners with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to develop “companion diagnostics” for use with specific therapies. “This is a very exciting time for diagnostic companies working in cancer,” said David Brunel. “The promise of immunotherapies is great, but tests to determine if patients are among the minority of people who will gain long-term benefit from a new drug are badly needed. Biodesix is developing tests that will provide those answers.” The Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network is excited about the future of Biodesix business model. Its recent capital funding of $22 million on February 26, 2016 will allow Biodesix to expand its new technology line for discovery tests and commercialization of their product.

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