How Apto Re-Defined Customer Relationship Management for CRE Brokers

Apto began as a brokerage team looking for a commercial real estate (CRE)-based CRM platform. Their options were limited: one solution was no longer in business, and the other was buggy and lacked support. There were no offerings that capitalized on cloud-based mobility, and many didn’t offer flexibility for unique business processes. The team settled on Salesforce, which worked as a temporary solution, but the search process made one thing apparent: CRE tech needed a major upgrade.

They started building a better platform. This included a number of, “I-didn't-realize-you-were-missing-in-my-life features that just seemed obvious,” according to Tanner McGraw, APTO CEO. In addition to their excellent CRM platform, Apto is also an award-winning business. Inc. Magazine, Denver Business Journal, and Outside Magazine all named Apto as a Best Place to Work in 2016, which is a testament to their exemplary company culture. Employees at Apto receive flexible time off (including powder days), full benefits, stock options, regular company-provided lunches, and a dog-friendly office environment.

The Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network of Colorado is delighted to work with companies like Apto and will continue to support Apto as it builds a strong brand presence in Colorado. The BEN team is looking forward to seeing what Tanner and his team does to drive measurable growth and performance in 2017 and beyond.

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