Choozle Creates a Better Platform for Programmatic Advertising



Andrew Fischer, Co-Founder and CEO of Choozle, knew there was growing demand for a more intuitive programmatic advertising platform: a system that allows users to buy advertising media using automated software. According to Zenith media, “The U.S. is the biggest programmatic ad market, worth $24 billion in 2016 and accounting for 62% of total global programmatic ad spend.” However, when Choozle began in 2012, programmatic advertising was a complicated process that required considerable technical knowledge and few knew how to use it. Andrew saw an opportunity to create an easier and more navigable platform with Choozle.

Today, Choozle’s platform helps small to mid-sized ad agencies bring programmatic advertising in-house so they can have total control over the media buying process, allowing users to fine-tune options for a specific budget and intended audience. Because the programmatic advertising process can be difficult for those who are unfamiliar, Choozle provides end-to-end support throughout the advertising campaign with creative services, data insights, reporting capability, and extensive customer support. Each client is paired with a Choozle team member who assists with training, the campaign execution process, and advice on choosing buzzwords. In 2017 alone, Choozle customers executed more than 12,000 digital advertising campaigns. Choozle also uses their platform for their own marketing, which is testament to how much they believe in their software.

Behind Choozle’s success is a tight-knit team focused on professional and personal development. “We all care a lot about what we’re doing and are given a lot of flexibility to make decisions and have a voice within the company,” said Megan Sullivan-Jenks, Director of Marketing & Communications. “The biggest core value for me is that complacency is boring—It’s easy to sit back at Choozle’s current stage, but we can always be better and do better things.” Outside the office, all employees get a quarterly stipend to spend on education for business or personal growth, whether it’s learning to code or taking a cooking class. Employees are also encouraged to attend conferences, engage in quarterly community service, and participate in bi-quarterly team retreats. Choozle has been around for five years and has nearly 100 percent employee retention, which demonstrates the value of Choozle’s culture. Additionally, the company was featured on’s Best Workplaces in 2017, The Denver Business Journal’s #1 Best Place to Work among Medium-Sized Companies in 2017, AdAge’s #1 Best Place to Work in 2017, and Inc’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2017.

Choozle continues to provide simplified programmatic software while maintaining an award-winning culture and the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network is thrilled to serve Andrew and his team. “Our inclusion in the BEN network has provided world class guidance, mentoring, and relationships which have greatly aided Choozle’s efforts in scaling our organization,” said Andrew.

Sam Skelton