FullContact Helps Companies Maintain Meaningful Relationships



Before FullContact’s comprehensive contact management platform, Co-founder & CEO Bart Lorang had thousands of contacts in disarray. When he met his wife in grad school and saw her contacts in Outlook, he noticed each person was neatly organized with information ranging from birthdays, spouse names, anniversary dates, work addresses, and fax numbers. “… I thought, why doesn’t someone focus on this?” Bart said in an interview. “I thought about it deeply and I realized the depth of the problem. The difficulty was extraordinary. But it was attractive to me intellectually and mathematically. So, I started up the company.” Bart had to hear 126 different investors tell him “no” (who all considered FullContact a feature rather than a full platform), but seven years and six rounds of funding later, the idea has grown into a Denver Gazelle that employs hundreds of people.

Today, FullContact enables companies to maintain meaningful relationships with employees and clients by keeping contacts organized and constantly updated. Their platform uses basic contact information like email, a phone number, or even a picture of a business card to gather extensive contact data for a person or company. Once contacts are in the system, FullContact’s new Enrich API continually updates informational changes, performing over 30 million updates a day across a database managing billions of contacts.

The FullContact has achieved much of its growth and success due to an intentional and unique company culture. “Most cultures get homogenized and they don’t mean anything. Our culture can’t accommodate every value system,” Bart said. “We try to be a culture that’s from mars. If we’re not Martians to the outside world, then there’s something wrong.” FullContact’s culture is centered on maintaining transparency, being people-focused, winning and losing as a team, and being customer-obsessed. Their culture is balanced with unique employee perks like a powder day policy, the option to work remotely for one month every year (after being employed a full year), and a “paid, paid vacation” policy that pays employees $7,500 to travel in addition to standard PTO. It’s no mystery why they were recognized as a “Best Places to Work” by Outside Magazine in 2016.

FullContact continues to create better relationships through contact management for businesses and professionals alike, and the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network is thrilled to assist Bart and his team. For more information, go to www.fullcontact.com.

Sam Skelton