GoSpotCheck Empowers Companies to Make Data-Driven Decisions



Matt Talbot, CEO of GoSpotCheck, initially had a different business model in mind when entering the Techstars Accelerator Program in 2011. As a new father, Matt wanted to create a Netflix-style rental model for maternity clothes, but quickly learned the idea wouldn’t scale. He took a step back to assess his team’s expertise in retail and the market, which led to the realization that there was an opportunity to create IoT-enabled retail software for field teams: an idea that would eventually become GoSpotCheck.

Today, GoSpotCheck develops software for retail and packaged goods companies that organizes and analyzes data to provide actionable insights. The software allows retail managers and field salespeople to track and analyze sales, marketing campaigns, product shelf placement, and competitive activity. It also uses photos to track visual details, like how displays are set up in stores or whether products are shelved at eye level. Because the software acts in real time, it can immediately inform managers and admins about store problems and empower them to act on new trends based on the actions of competitors. Because the software is versatile, GoSpotCheck even uses it for their own needs. “We used it for a user conference a few weeks ago to have attendees submit real-time feedback,” said Chris Kampfe, VP of Marketing. “People internally are also using it to give product feedback.”

Beyond their platform, GoSpotCheck is known for their award-winning workplace. The company provides employees with full medical coverage, gym membership, maternity/paternity leave, and stock options. Beyond traditional benefits, GoSpotCheck motivates employees by implementing core values like doing great work, taking responsibility for it, and going to bed smarter. “There’s a lot of things that we do to enforce going to bed smarter,” said Chris. “We do a quarterly book club with Matt, where everyone gets the book and provides a book review at the end of the quarter. We’re also active in sending employees to some kind of continued learning, whether it be conferences or courses.” Between GoSpotCheck’s culture and their product, it’s easy to see how they were voted #1 Place to Work in Denver, featured in Colorado’s Top 100 Tech Companies, and inducted into the 2017 Class of Denver Gazelles.

GoSpotCheck continues to provide tools that retail businesses need to make data-driven decisions, and the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network is pleased to assist Matt and his team. “It has been great working with the BEN team to expand my network and build my skill set as a CEO,” said Matt Talbot. “The sessions I have done with the extended team have been extremely insightful and actionable. I'm thrilled that I have the opportunity to participate in the program!”

Sam Skelton