ISSAC Platform Finds Proverbial Needles in Haystacks of Big Data


Extracting value from big data is a challenge facing modern businesses, and one Colorado Springs company has created a customizable solution for businesses of all types and sizes. ISSAC is an advanced data analytics and system-of-systems engineering company that provides managed analytics as a service. Their end-to-end analytics solution, VOR (named after the Norse god of wisdom and knowledge), innovates big data collection by incorporating human input into a machine-learning process that allows customers to optimize the VOR platform for specialized needs. ISSAC also custom-scales the software for each client by using an adaptable array of microservers, allowing them to optimize the platform for businesses ranging in complexity from a Scottsdale-based medical campus to a transnational research institute.

ISSAC’s platform functionality is impressive in itself, but the true potential behind their technology becomes apparent when looking at its broad use cases. The VOR platform was crucial in finding framework for genomic drivers of pancreatic cancer and for advancing novel treatments. “Never in my life did I think I would be working on programs like this,” said Bob Reehoorn, COO of ISSAC. “Here we are—a small, 20-person company—and ISSAC was featured as the second name on a British Journal of Cancer paper that revealed new findings in pancreatic cancer.” The platform also assists U.S. federal agencies with national security by providing high-level observations based upon national trends. Beyond advanced genomics research and national security, it is used by clients that specialize in healthcare, energy, and transportation, and ISSAC plans to expand to other industries.

On a local scale, ISSAC has a culture of giving that encourages employees to give back to the Colorado Springs community. Their team supports a variety of local charitable organizations like Community Partnerships for Child Development, which collects funds for toys, food, and other supplies for Colorado families in need. ISSAC partners with Palmer High School to frequently give STEM education presentations that relate real-world applications to the technologies the students study.

ISSAC continues to create a lasting impact by embracing big data and BEN Colorado is delighted to assist ISSAC and their team. “We are thrilled and honored to be a member of the BEN Colorado Network,” said Tim Jones, CEO of ISSAC. “Not only does BEN provide a great network avenue into industry leaders; the volunteer team of professional advisors have walked in the small business owner’s shoes. They have learned invaluable lessons which they can share to help companies avoid challenges as they expand business." For more information, visit

Sam Skelton