Ombud Forms Strategic Partnership with IQT


The Economist recently reported that data is now the world’s most valuable resource. However, there is now more data than ever before, and finding relevant metrics within superfluous data presents an immense challenge. Thad Eby recognized this as an opportunity and created a solution with Ombud: a cohesive federated platform that automatically collects relevant information from mass quantities of data and then presents the metrics that matter most. Their decision management software helps businesses accelerate technical documentation and access information about similar business decisions that have been made in the past; a process that increases revenue and allows enterprises to drive to market faster. In essence, they have monetized the idea that history repeats itself.

Ombud recently became a strategic partner of In-Q-Tel, the venture arm of the Central Intelligence Agency. In a recent press release, In-Q-Tel listed the advantage of this partnership as an opportunity to, “... introduce Ombud to the U.S. Intelligence Community and empower expert decisions in information gathering.”

Thad said the government could use Ombud to field requests that come through via the Freedom of Information Act, which allows American citizens to digitally request records from the federal government. Ombud’s technology would allow government workers to quickly determine what data is being requested, allow government workers to respond to requests and see what took place historically, and connect employees in disparate agencies.

"As a startup focused on building the next software ecosystem in Denver, developing product market fit and a world-class team is essential,” said Thad Eby, Founder and CEO of Ombud. “The Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network has been a phenomenal platform for aligning local Colorado resources with Ombud's global go-to market strategy.”

Ombud is revolutionizing the way businesses assess big data, and the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Colorado is thrilled to work with Thad and his team. We are excited to see where their new strategic partnership takes them. For more information, visit

Sam Skelton