Sports Supplements Come Naturally for Skratch Labs


Allen Lim, an exercise physiologist, and Ian MacGregor, a professional cyclist, discovered that their teammates were getting sick due to unhealthy artificial ingredients in traditional sports bars and drinks. They were inspired to create something better – a new drink mix with less sugar, more electrolytes, and natural fruit – from scratch in a garage. Elite athletes loved the new secret mix and wanted more, so Allen and Ian came up with an inventive solution: they put premade batches into food-safe paint buckets from McGuckin Hardware with clean golf balls and then used paint shakers to mix large quantities at once. Nobody expected it to become a commercial product, but once they began producing on a larger scale, the idea began to be realized. They called it Skratch Labs.

Today, Skratch Labs – a fully bootstrapped Boulder-based company – has found international success in the sports nutrition industry. In addition to core hydration and recovery drink mixes, the company now produces real food products (not nutrition supplements!) like fruit energy chews and cookie mix that help consumers before, after, and during active performance. They also have three cookbooks that uses simple ingredients to prepare healthy meals and portable snacks. Their products can be found in more than 6,000 stores globally and in the pantries of athletes everywhere.

Skratch Labs is for the doers – all athletes, all weekend warriors, all people that want to be better. They have a roster of sponsored athletes that includes Olympian’s, Ironman triathlete's, rock climbers, professional skiers, and even a polar explorer. In addition to athletes, Skratch Labs recently partnered with outdoor gear brand The North Face to provide additional event support and sponsorships, including serving as the official hydration and nutrition sponsor for the North Face Endurance Challenge Series. Although their product is used primarily by athletes, their customer base also extends to other demographics like race car drivers, peace corps volunteers, line cooks, and ordinary active individuals looking for healthy food and drink alternatives.

Skratch Labs continues to provide healthy and natural nutrition for athletes, and the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Colorado is thrilled to serve Ian and his team. "BEN is more than just another networking group that will increase the numbers of connections on your LinkedIn profile. The advisors and companies have each helped us to identify blind spots and solve real problems enabling our company and our people to get better," said Ian. For more information, visit


Sam Skelton