What Happens to Entrepreneurs  in Periods of Emerging Success

What you Hope to See:

  1. Emerging Humility
  2. Acknowledgment of team contributions, through compensation as well as words
  3. Increasing paranoia about competitors
  4. Hoarding capital; keeping expenses low
  5. Constantly planning and re-examining strategy; probing ways to improve
  6. Being keenly aware of customers and their needs; constantly surveying and seeking customer involvement in product development and improvement
  7. Believing it is time to work even harder
  8. Avoiding publicity; realizing too much press puts a bulls-eye on firm; being cautious with press releases
  9. Maintaining personal discipline (exercise routine, diet, etc.)
  10. Ensuring accessibility to customers, colleagues, and suppliers

What you Typically See:

  1. Arrogance beyond belief
  2. Dismissal of other roles; seeking spotlight credit and spoils
  3. Being increasingly dismissive of competitors
  4. Spending funds freely, often before positive cash flow realized
  5. Being overly confident of existing plan's validity
  6. Taking customers for granted; being out of touch with the marketplace
  7. Goes on “ cruise control ”
  8. Seeking publicity; grabbing the limelight; believing in their own press releases
  9. Eating and drinking too much
  10. Becoming increasingly isolated; often through unnecessary corporate bureaucracy


BEN Colorado