Convercent Drives Business Performance through Better Ethics


Poor ethical standards have crippled companies like Enron, Volkswagen, and Wells Fargo, which become examples of why it is necessary to maintain good business ethics. Patrick Quinlan, Co-Founder & CEO of Convercent, and Philip Winterburn, Co-Founder & CPO, saw promise in empowering companies by introducing an ethics platform that allowed companies to measure the ethical health of their organization. "We identified the opportunity to create an ethics SaaS software company that combined business and ethics performance together,” Quinlan said. After nine months of preparing the product and developing the team, Quinlan and Winterburn launched Convercent in 2013.

Today, Convercent is an end-to-end ethics and compliance management platform that helps companies proactively manage concerns including: ethics helpline, disclosures, training and corporate compliance risk. “We’re combining and providing the insight into the ethical health of organizations and tie that to business performance, showing a real link from ethical health to business results,” said Quinlan. Their platform also gives a voice to whistleblowers and victims of harassment, which is especially powerful after the #MeToo movement spiked a sharp uptake in workplace harassment complaints nationwide. Convercent has received two GRC Innovation Awards, two Stevie awards, and was recognized as a Denver Gazelle. “The alignment with the mission, vision, culture, product, and performance of the company, and the team—all those things really aligned this year, and when those things align, you really get acceleration.”  

Behind Convercent’s growth is a dedicated team that reflects the company’s ethics-first ethos. “There’s strong alignment across the team and that is the difference between good and great for us,” said Quinlan. Convercent’s six core values feature characteristics like having open and honest communication, focus on company goals with customers front-of-mind, and embracing the ‘uncomfortable’ as a catalyst for innovation. “I’m really proud of the family we’ve built here,” said Winterburn. “We’ve put food on the table for 138 families every night. That’s the actual mission that we’re on. We’re not just building another company, we’re making a real difference.” Convercent currently holds a 4.2 rating on Glassdoor.

BEN Colorado is thrilled to serve Patrick and his team. “BEN takes their business of helping to build great Colorado companies every bit as serious as we take building our company,” said Quinlan. “The network is deep, meaningful, and has impacted us in multiple ways since joining less then 12 months ago.”

Sam Skelton