PeakMed Brings Back the Doctor-Patient Relationship with the help of Modern Tech


Mark Tomasulo, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of PeakMed, returned home after practicing medicine in the military and wasn’t certain how to continue his career in healthcare. Outside of the military, Tomasulo saw insurance creating barriers for individuals to afford and access healthcare, which made it difficult for patients to access their primary care doctor and prevented primary care doctors from practicing to their full ability. In 2014, Tomasulo founded PeakMed to focus on primary care and bring back the patient-doctor relationship. Tomasulo was soon after introduced to Jon Hernandez, current CEO of PeakMed, who had worked in healthcare since the 1990s and shared similar frustrations about its dysfunctional structure. After one conversation, Hernandez knew that PeakMed was the opportunity he was looking for.

Today, PeakMed provides a direct primary care plan that provides customers with unlimited access to their personal physician for a low monthly fee. The company allows users to schedule same or next day appointments with physicians during weekdays between 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., and if users have a general question, they can access emergency medical advice by phone or text 24/7. Tomasulo said, “Seventy to eighty percent of all doctor visits can be done over text, phone, or video once a healthcare plan has been established,” which is a concept that PeakMed executed through a partnership with Denver-based CirrusMD by creating a secure text and video platform between doctors and patients. “We want to see Colorado companies continue to grow and change healthcare, and our partnership with CirrusMD helps bolster Colorado as an innovation hub for healthcare,” said Brooke Adair, Director of Experience. Beyond virtual care, PeakMed operates four brick-and-mortar locations called “life centers” with a fifth on the way this year.

PeakMed continues to expand rapidly, being recognized by the Colorado Springs Business Journal as one of its fastest growing companies. The company recently unveiled four mobile life centers, including two “mini vans” that bring PeakMed’s clinical services to individuals who are unable to leave their homes and two “sprinter vans” that travel to workplaces to allow people to see a physician without leaving work. PeakMed also plans to put a greater focus on integrating behavioral health, which is a service PeakMed is currently piloting at their founding location in Colorado Springs. “There is a lot of research and studies about the correlation between mental and physical health and how they’re extremely related,” said Adair.

“Providing behavioral health is something neglected in the healthcare space, and to be able to start solving for that is a huge win for our team. Our goal is to see how many value added services we can stuff into a PeakMed membership to better the health and wellness of our members.” PeakMed received the 2016 Best of Colorado Springs award, was named a 2017 Colorado Company to Watch, and is currently nominated for Denver Biz Journal’s 2018 Small Business Award.

PeakMed continues to create better relationships between patients and their primary care doctors with the help of modern technology, and the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network is thrilled to serve Jon and his team. “The BEN organization is much more than a network of CEOs, it’s a community working towards improving the lives of one another through connection, education, and support,” said Hernandez. “It’s an honor to have this conduit to plug into and I look forward to the conversations, relationships, and learnings I will gain through this organization.”

Sam Skelton