Denver's Red Canary Provides Top-Quality Cybersecurity for Organizations of All Sizes



For Brian Beyer, Co-Founder and CEO of Red Canary, exposure to the inner works of businesses started at a young age. Beyer’s grandparents owned and operated nearly a dozen companies in the forestry, stone, and trucking industry. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Purdue, Beyer built software for the intelligence community and satellite data processing systems and ran programs at a cybersecurity company.

While investigating cybersecurity breaches with Keith McCammon and Chris Rothe, the future founding team of Red Canary, they came to the conclusion that the best security teams had something in common. They looked at massive amounts of data and ran “blue teams” that actively prepared for, identified, and eradicated threats throughout their organization.

Today, Red Canary is a cloud-based cybersecurity company that combines advanced algorithms, machine learning, and human intuition to monitor company computer systems for potential cyber threats or attacks. Red Canary is focused on serving companies of all sizes, which distinguishes them from the majority of other security vendors that typically focus on Fortune 500 companies. “We are used by companies having 100 to 100,000 employees and we believe that every business deserves great security,” said Suzanne Moore, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Red Canary.

Red Canary is defining a new category of security that helps security teams evolve beyond the legacy MSSP and SIEM purchases that haven’t made a meaningful difference improving security over the past decade. “The scale and way we use and process data is a really different approach,” said Moore. “In the past, organizations have relied on cybersecurity solutions that are focused on either preventing threats or prioritizing alerts in a SIEM or MSSP. The reality is that adversary techniques are evolving so quickly, there’s no way to prevent all attacks, and the alerts in a SIEM or MSSP are too noisy. Red Canary focuses on analyzing everything that’s happening in your environment so they can detect and stop attacks as quickly as possible.”

Behind Red Canary’s rapid growth is a team of experts who come from industries such as cybersecurity, intelligence, and defense, which naturally creates a very fast paced environment focused on analytics, development, and quickly shipping new technologies and ideas. “I think of Navy Seals,” Moore said, “Everyone at Red Canary is highly collaborative and transparent while working relentlessly to improve our customers’ security, and that really defines us. We have to move fast unencumbered because cyber adversaries are not slowing down” One of the ways Red Canary stays in-sync is a quarterly ritual they call ‘BEASTMODE’ where the entire company comes to Denver and dives into strategic topics and builds new technology, hackathon-style.

Red Canary continues to provide top-quality information security for organizations of all sizes and the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network is thrilled to serve Brian and his team. “BEN has been a great way to meet other executives across a variety of industries and learn how others have grown companies and built great teams,” said Brian. “I look forward to our team defending their businesses as they modernize their security programs!”

Sam Skelton