SecureSet is Preparing the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Professionals


Cybersecurity became a nationwide concern in 2014 when Target and Home Depot security breaches became front-page news, and the demand for cybersecurity continues to increase—it is predicted there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity roles in 2021. Bret Fund, Founder & CEO of SecureSet, was formerly a professor when he recognized that traditional universities weren’t equipped to prepare students for roles in cybersecurity. “What was needed was an alternative education that was hands-on and truly prepared students for workforce entry,” said Brianne Brewer, VP Marketing and Communications at SecureSet. “Seeing trends in cybersecurity and deficiencies in the traditional education model created an opportunity to fill the void that existed between traditional education and preparing individuals to enter the workforce.”

Today, SecureSet is an education platform that combines theory and hands-on lab work while partnering with cybersecurity employers to offer students unique industry perspective and career opportunities. Their programs range from a part-time evening program that enhances a person’s technical and security skills  called PATH to an immersive, full-time, 800-hour engineering program called CORE, where graduates are transformed into qualified entry-level candidates ready for immediate employment. “Placing our students into security careers is our ultimate outcome. It’s incredible to see students with little-to-no security experience become entry-level-ready in 5 months or less. That will help to fill talent pipeline and, ideally, close the job gap in cybersecurity.” SecureSet is currently partnered with 97 companies in their employer network (which continues to expand weekly) and has a 90% placement rate to date, benefitting both students and cybersecurity companies. SecureSet’s accomplishments are reaffirmed by their recognitions as a Colorado Company to Watch, one of the 10 Best Startups to Work for in Denver, and one of the Colorado Springs Business Journal’s 10 Companies to Watch.

SecureSet continues to expand their impact by opening new locations and improving services. They opened a new campus in Tampa in late 2017 and expanded their programs in the Washington D.C. Metro area with the acquisition of HackEd, a provider of hands-on cybersecurity training for technical professionals. In an effort to promote diversity in the cybersecurity profession, they recently launched the SecureSet Foundation to offer students financial assistance.

BEN Colorado is thrilled to serve Bret and his team. “BEN has been a wonderful support organization as SecureSet has traveled through its early days into its growth phase,” said Bret Fund. “Greg and Ally understood our unique needs and was able to assemble a group of talented mentors and relationships that have helped us along our growth path. I’m deeply appreciative of what BEN has contributed to me, personally, as well as the company as whole.”

Sam Skelton