Havenly Redefines Interior Design


Lee Mayer, Co-Founder & CEO of Havenly, moved from a New York apartment to a home in Colorado in 2012 and sought professional expertise on how to design and decorate her new space. She was stunned by the cost of traditional interior designers, which cost homeowners an average of $6,294. Mayer considered the idea of matching underutilized interior designers with people who can’t afford traditional interior design services, and in 2013, she co-founded Havenly with her sister, Emily Motayed. “We have been able to convince consumers across the country—no matter the size of their home or budget—that they should have access to a good interior designer,” said Matthew Erley, VP of Growth. “That’s shifted the marketplace from designers being too expensive and cumbersome, and we built a technology stack that makes designers more efficient at designing and makes the process more fun and convenient for clients.”

Today, Havenly offers online interior design services at an extremely accessible price point. Users are asked a few questions and upload pictures of their space, and then they can choose from a team of professional designers who will help create a personalized plan and a 3D rendering of the space. The customer can then purchase suggested products through Havenly, which offers the best possible prices from 400+ of their furnishing partners. “It’s all done through Havenly’s platform—the messaging, the products, the renderings,” said Erley. “A Havenly client can be out shopping at a grocery store, be messaging with their designer, and see their rendered space, all online.” Havenly has been recognized as a 2016 Denver Gazelle, on CNBC’s list of 100 promising start-ups to watch in 2018, and currently maintains a 4-star rating on Trustpilot.

In 2018, Havenly expanded their digital offering with brick-and-mortar locations in Boston as well as interior design studios in partnership with Nordstrom. Customers can book complimentary 30-minute interior design consultations with a Havenly design expert by appointment or walk in. “To a lot of people, design is something they want to have as a physical experience, so we wanted to test some locations where people could start the conversation with a designer and then take it online after that.” Said Erley. “You’re seeing a lot of digitally native brands start to offer physical locations in order to interact with their brands—like Casper and Away—and I believe that’s because physical retail is not dead. People still like to go in and interact.”

BEN Colorado is thrilled to serve Mayer and her team as Havenly continues to grow. “It’s refreshing to have an organization in town that is so deeply committed to helping companies grow and scale, without asking anything in return,” said Mayer. “What a boon for our ecosystem!”

Sam Skelton