'Sleep mode synchronization' by PlayerLync is nothing to nod off to

PlayerLync, nestled in Englewood, Colorado is helping companies adopt mobile devices to share content and collaborate in innovative new ways. Their platform offers a highly flexible and easy to use mobile content management (MCM) engine and user application which eliminates the challenges of accessing current content in low bandwidth or offline scenarios. The World Champion Denver Broncos use the technology to automatically push gigabytes of post-game videos to players’ mobile devices immediately after games so coaches and players can review game film without streaming interruptions or even offline.

Led by visionary CEO, Bob Paulsen, PlayerLync is breaking ground beyond the 38 professional sports teams they now support and finding relevancy for their unique “sleep mode synchronization” technology in Restaurants, Retail and Healthcare industries. Sam Worobec, Training Development Manager for Chipotle Mexican Grill dubbed PlayerLync as, “the easiest way for us to ensure that our 35,000 employees keep current and consistent. We expect to save $2M and over 1,300 trees this year alone!”

By securely and efficiently delivering and removing content, such as video and documents, to and from mobile devices even when the device is in sleep mode, PlayerLync is giving companies exciting new ways to capitalize on mobility in their business operations and day-to-day workflows.

The Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network team is excited about PlayerLync’s recent growth and the expansion of their Sales and Marketing teams. We expect PlayerLync’s acceleration to persist as they become the world’s best solution for enterprise interactive mobile content management.

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