Simple Energy is creating a more sustainable future

Simple Energy is creating a more sustainable future. By implementing energy saving software that provides users with a rewarding experience to change their behavior around using energy and to make energy saving-decisions, Simple Energy the forefront of the changing energy industry. The company’s plan is to change the way people think about energy use, in order to create a safer and more reliable planet. The team of 30, led by co-founders Yoav Lurie (CEO) and Justin Segall (President), has built a means to provide an engaging energy saving system that would alter the way people and energy providers interact.  Implementing enjoyable functionality to energy data and analytics people are able to attain a better grasp on their energy consumption and learn how to fix any problems they may have. Simple Energy systems relay useful messages informing users of their energy usage issues, then provides advice on how to increased energy conservation. Combined with a community based competition system and a point based reward program, people are able to have fun while saving the planet.                    

Simple Energy, founded in 2011, has already reached numerous customers and established a dependable customer base. The expert staff was able to grow the business and grow their revenue exponentially in only a few short years. With the help of the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network (BEN), Simple Energy made huge growth in under the span of a year. During September of 2015, BEN advisor Brad Feld began to meet regularly with Simple Energy to lend advice and work on their overarching business strategy. Bill Perry joined Simple Energy as board observer, the team consistently gains more success. The team of advisors helped Simple Energy navigate a particularly hard 2015 as they transitioned business models, slimmed down their team, and moved toward profitability. “The intervention of our BEN mentors at a critical moment in our evolution was invaluable. Brad, specifically, stepped in to guide us through the hardest parts. He's always been great; but, we wouldn't be here today if he hadn't intervened in that moment,” said Lurie.

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