Cloud Elements integrates with BEN to further their Success

Cloud Elements solves a problem that plagues nearly every app developer – integration. With this company’s revolutionary app integration software, developers are relieved from worrying about the constant struggle managing the integration of Application Program Interfaces. As cloud services are rapidly developing, API’s change and grow in correspondence. Cloud Elements allows users to connect their app to a single API which then connects to any available cloud services. The cooperative integration process is simplified with Cloud Elements’ ability to integrate to whole categories of services, providing multiple connections at one time. Cloud Elements, founded independently in 2012 and led by Vineet Joshi, Mark Greene, Atul Barve, Lou Salfi, and Gary Gessler, have already sustained massive growth. Over a few short years they developed a solid customer base, a strong team of qualified engineers and entrepreneurs and have closed several major deals. They are continually developing their software, adding new programs to their base. To satisfy their customers they remain consistent by further developing this impressive technology. 

Cloud Elements partnered with the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network to promote their massive growth. With the assistance of BEN, Cloud Elements was able to connect with Eric Roza and Alex Vogenthaler, creating a support team to lend advice on future missions and to discuss marketing plan details. Cloud Elements has sustained tremendous growth and is already becoming widely recognized for their innovative products and positive work environment. CE received #13 on Outside Magazine's best places to work. The team plans to continue to build ground-breaking technologies and expand their business to the forefront of the API integration field.

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