All Signals indicate Blinker's success

Innovation begins with revolutionary design and inventive ideas that modernize an outdated concept. Tony Wilbert and Rod Buscher founded Blinker to revolutionize the used car buying and selling industry. An industry which happens to be much larger than the new car buying and selling counterpart. In fact, the used car market place is worth over $465 billion annually compared to the new automotive sales rendering $270 billion, and used cars compose 75% of the total car sales in the United States. Wilbert and the team realized the opportunity and developed an app that redefined car buying, through providing a simple solution to every stage in the car selling and buying process. Blinker allows users to take a photo of any car on the road, and instantly learn its value and all relevant vehicle-specifics including the year, make, model and mileage. Blinker provides an intuitive platform to price and post a car add, then communicate with potential prospects, choose a method of payment and transfer payments entirely though the app available on all smartphones. Blinker’s app simplifies the entire car buying process; the warranty, finance, title exchange and ownership are executed fully through mobile devices. The app is not only simple, fast and easy to use, but it is secure. Blinker includes an optional Extended Service Plan for every qualified vehicle to ensure quality and security. Blinker streamlined the car buying and selling process along with the innovative vehicle photo specs feature to redefine the car sales industry.

BEN chose to work closely with this company because of its clear potential to become the most widely utilized source for car buying and selling. The company is developing steadily, pulling investors and establishing a rapidly growing user base. BEN seriously appreciates Blinker’s model to bring convenience to the shopper. Shopping in any industry should transition towards ease and convenience. So to add accessibility to the automotive sales industry, Blinker brings car buying to the palm of your hand. The process is segmented into a few efficient steps – providing buyers and sellers with all necessary information immediately – making selling and buying cars faster and easier than any other platform could. The company can soon take hold of the majority of the car buying and selling market. In the next few years the BEN team expects to see a tremendous growth and development to the company and to the industry. 

BEN Colorado