SchoolRunner teams up with BEN to further their Success

Schoolrunner presents an immediate solution to a problem that deters nearly every school and all teachers. When student data is spread out across various platforms it becomes difficult to use and manage. Schoolrunner’s system consolidates every relevant piece of data, regarding Academics, grades, behavior, attendance, communications, interventions, significant incidents or suspensions, business Intelligence, and reports into one system. The system can be integrated into existing processes to make accessibility incredibly fast and easy. Having greater accessibility to more actionable data, the system produces hugely increased proficiency among students. Schools report a 1/6 student increase to proficiency over just one year. Schoolrunner is actively gaining control of the school data organization system market, becoming one of the most effective and widely used products available above all competition. The Schoolrunner team of 16 professionally trained members, led by the founder and CEO Charlie Coglianese, are largely expanding their influence in the field. The team steadily growing a consistent customer base – a network of schools able to rely on the steadfast systems.

In July, Schoolrunner was connected with the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network and has already made enormous progress expanding their brand. The BEN team connected them to the Colorado Impact Fund, which currently resides as an investor and retains a seat on the board. BEN connected Schoolrunner to Tim Shanahan (formerly of Sterling-Rice Group) and Lisa Christian (Atomic20 marketing firm) to assist with brand strategy and marketing as they move forward. Schoolrunner continues to develop their innovative designs, advancing data use in schools and producing products regarded higher than that of their competition.

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