Teatulia Grows with BEN

Teatulia, led by founder and CEO Linda Lipsius, is poised to become one of the biggest tea distributors in the country. Tea is an unceasingly expanding industry, which grows by increasingly larger margins every year. Establishing success in this dynamic field means that the company needs an extremely high quality product. Fortunately for Teatulia, quality is not an issue. The Company perfected the art of growing in their own garden, packaging, limiting waste, growing the relevancy of tea in the global market, and creating a sustainable, simple and authentic tea production business. Teatulia wins more awards than any other tea on the shelf and is ranked as one of Forbes 25 most innovative consumer and retail brands for 2015. Teatulia claims health, environmental responsibility, and social responsibility as some of its top concerns. Their tea is organic, Kosher Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Gluten-Free Certified, Non-GMO Certified and B Corp Certified. Linda’s greatest concerns when starting the company was to give back to the community by providing the people of Bangladesh – where the gardens are located – jobs, education and health services. The Teatulia team is working fervently to grow the already 19 highest ranked tea company into an even more successful and higher ranked sellers.

In order to achieve this goal, Teatulia enlisted the help of the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network (BEN). The network connected Teatulia to various industry experts to expand the depth of their community and resources. Linda was connected to Chuck Cotter at Holland & Hart law firm, Doug and Annie Brown at Bruno Red Star (PR and Digital Marketing firm) and Sarah Kraft, the founder of Padma Food & Beverage Corporation. With the help of these individuals the team refined their focus on certain verticals and supply chain consulting and maximization. The team worked extensively on strategy with Buddy Ketchner, former President of the Sterling Rice Group. Linda and Teatulia was ultimately, connected to Consumer Capital Partners, an advisory firm that that focuses on brand development and investment. The company holds a variety of CPG and fast casual brands as well. With the multitude of new connections and strategic plans, the future of Teatulia as a company encompasses rapid progression towards the front of their field. We expect the company to sustain substantial growth and develop into one of the most desired tea brands available, in only a few short years.

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