Trueffect lets you own customer data

Since 2004, Trueffect has said that brands should be at the center of the customer relationship—not agencies or walled gardens, like Facebook or Google.  Trueffect’s 1st Party Universal ID puts enterprise brands back in the driver's seat to gain 100% ownership of their customer data and build 1:1 engagement across their entire marketing operation.  

Trueffect prides itself as being partner-agnostic rather than a “rip and replace” model. The brand-owned Universal ID allows enterprise marketing teams to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of their agency partners and publishers, while maintaining total ownership over customer insights.

Over the years, the results have been significant. One client saw 200% improvement in conversion accuracy across their campaigns compared with Google Doubleclick. On average, Trueffect customers see a 50 percent decrease in partner/agency overlap and 50% decrease in media spend inefficiencies.

In sum, Trueffect has an impressive portfolio of customers harnessing the power of Trueffect’s database including; H&R Block, Southwest,, and other high profile companies. These institutions and others have reduced media spending and increased efficiency by owning their own customer data and leveraging it across their entire marketing operation, including their agency partners.

Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network is delighted to work organizations like Trueffect, whose innovative and bold approach to adtech for the enterprise will continue to strengthen the diversity of BENCO’s network companies. Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network will support Trueffect as it builds a strong brand presence in Colorado and beyond to ensure enterprise brands know that Trueffect is best in class for engaging in 1:1 customer relationships—both on and offline. Trueffect’s results speak for themselves and we look forward to seeing what Alex Yoder, CEO, and his team do to drive measurable growth and performance. 

BEN Colorado