Silvergate Pharmaceuticals is Revolutionizing Medicine for Children


Silvergate Pharmaceuticals solves a significant problem in the health industry: when children are prescribed medication, there aren’t many compatible solutions for their age, and doctors often have to prescribe unconventional solutions like adjusted adult dosages. Frank Segrave and his team at Silvergate Pharmaceuticals are committed to developing and commercializing pediatric medications for children that are safe, effective, and readily available.

Recently, Silvergate Pharmaceuticals received FDA approval for their new medication, XATMEPTM. This new medication is the first needleless and ready-to-use oral medication to help treat pediatric patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) as part of a multi-phase, combination chemotherapy maintenance regimen. It will also assist pediatric patients with active polyarticular juvenile idiopathic arthritis (pJIA) who have either had an insufficient therapeutic response from (or are intolerant of) an adequate trial of first-line therapy including full dose non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs). XATMEPTM is easy to dispense at pharmacies, requires no preparation, and provides the most painless solution yet for children battling ALL and pJIA. This is a considerable feat for Silvergate, because getting FDA approval is a daunting process: FDA approvals take between 6-10 months, and after that, only 9.6% of medications are approved (Boston Business Journal).

“As a company, we continue to focus on pediatric medications that are safe, effective, and readily available,” said Frank Seagrave, President & CEO of Silvergate Pharmaceuticals. Frank has had over 25 years of leadership experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has been with Silvergate since it was founded in 2010. Since then, Silvergate has had significant success and currently has two FDA-approved medications on the market in addition to their new XATMEPTM product: Silvergate’s Epaned® medication helps treat high blood pressure for people one month and older, and their QbrelisTM medication helps treat high blood pressure for patients 6 years and older. These products finally allow accurate medication dosages for children who, until now, have relied on adjusted adult dosages.

The Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network of Colorado is delighted to work with Silvergate Pharmaceuticals, and our organization looks forward to seeing how Frank and his team continue to revolutionize medicine for children. For more information, visit

Sam Skelton