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Curt Samson

Founder & Principal, Innovation by Samson


Curt is the business growth pioneer and problem solver that owners, boards, & CEOs seek out to take their baby/investment to the next level, whether it be top line, EBITDA, or any other elements of efficiency.

I grew up in Montana, and my father passed away due to a massive heart attack when I was 16. With siblings out of the house, I had to grow up quickly to help my mom manage the chaos. I had no choice but to lead, solve problems and overcome challenges.

This foundation has fueled my career as an executive operator. My approach is simple: seek first to understand, align all stakeholders, then measure and execute; all with unwavering focus on the customer. Leveraging this proven formula, and the power of analytical decision making, I’ve delivered $100s of millions in EBITDA to Fortune 500 companies and put $10s of millions into the pockets of small business stakeholders.

I live in Littleton with my lovely wife Becky of 33 years and have our youngest of three boys left in University.  My vast growth experience and results span many functions and industries and love to work with visionary leadership teams that aspires to become market leaders. I want to assist with strategic planning and transform ambitious goals into reality, consistently moving that needle higher and higher.