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Daniel Tabor
University of Colorado


Daniel is a full-time Leeds Business student at CU Boulder with a declared minor in Leadership Studies. He thinks business is a great avenue for the things he’s interested in because it allows him to generate new ideas, problem solve, and carry an ethic of service throughout it all. He is an avid supporter of the more personal method of doing business and strongly believes in the power of empathy and complete understanding in the business world. 

Daniel loves traveling and has done so quite a bit, though one can never do it too much. He stays active through weight lifting, running, snowboarding, and any and all water sports. Daniel also has great discussions with his family surrounding business and leadership topics and study both in his free time. He considers Colin Powell and Simon Sinek among his most important role models for ideologies and ways of thinking. Daniel has been playing an assortment of drums for 8 years and loves finding a new artist to listen to. 

He yearns for leadership roles as well as new learning opportunities to fill in the gaps of his 19 years of life and work experience, and believes that doing is the best way of learning. 

Currently, Daniel is thinking and working with his father to see if there is a way to connect start-ups and the entrepreneurial world to already established corporate powerhouses who are willing to do real business with them, so as to create a self-sustaining business ecosystem right here in Colorado.