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David Perez

Retired President & CEO, Terumo


David Perez is the former president and CEO of Terumo BCT, a nearly $1 billion, mission-driven biomedical company focused on unlocking the potential of blood and cell-based therapies. The innovative medical device company strives to advance patient care, broaden treatment options and improve patient outcomes through its technologies within the sectors of blood banking, transfusion medicine and regenerative medicine. Leading Terumo BCT for nearly two decades, Perez is known for his engaging management style focused on results and relationships. His relentless attention to business fundamentals and operational excellence enables the company to grow, innovate and diversify. Strategically guiding the company through several ownership structures, he has extensive experience leading complex, multi- national businesses and cross-cultural organizations. Perez’s leadership at Terumo BCT has driven the company to create new markets, expand the global business and diversify its product portfolio and customer support offerings.

Today, Terumo BCT delivers life-changing healthcare innovations, while maintaining a strong global brand recognition and a leadership position within each of its three business areas and 11 product categories. Virtually all the company’s revenue stems from innovations created internally. Perez is committed to the continued investment in R&D to develop innovations that become industry standards, improve clinical outcomes and lower customers’ costs. Serving the needs of customers and patients in more than 130 countries, Terumo BCT employs more than 6,000 worldwide associates in five regional headquarters and six manufacturing facilities.

Prior to Perez’s tenure, seven out of every 10 dollars generated by the company were from U.S. customers. Today, more than 65 percent of the company’s revenue is generated internationally. Under Perez’s leadership, annual revenue has grown almost sixfold nearing $1 billion, contributing to significant profit growth, cash flow generation and shareholder value. Perez also serves on numerous boards and councils, including AdvaMed, the National Blood Foundation and Colorado Concern. He lives with his wife in Colorado where they enjoy the outdoors and time with their children and grandchildren.