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Erik Rebich

Owner, Hanalei Equity, LLC


Erik Rebich is a corporate attorney, private equity investor and entrepreneur based in Niwot Colorado. Mr. Rebich served in a variety of roles for several companies  over the last 15+ years and now manages his private investment portfolio. After graduating from law school and passing the Colorado bar exam in 1998, Mr.  Rebich took a job as Corporate Counsel for The Dii Group (“Dii”). Dii was a publicly  traded electronics manufacturing company. While at Dii, Mr. Rebich oversaw all of  the company’s legal affairs and was heavily involved in the company’s Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activity.

In 2000, Dii merged with Flextronics International, Ltd. Following the merger, Mr. Rebich became General Counsel for Multilayer Technology, Inc., or “Multek,” wholly owned subsidiary of Flextronics. While at Multek, Mr. Rebich continued in a similar capacity, focusing on commercial agreements and M&A. He was also heavily involved in the company’s ITAR compliance and human resources. Most notably, Mr. Rebich was part of the M&A team for several acquisitions and divestitures. This included the ultimate closing of several US manufacturing facilities as the company moved its operational focus to Europe and Asia.

In late 2003 Mr. Rebich took the position of Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary for footwear startup Crocs, Inc (Nasdaq: Crox). In this role he managed a team of 6 in house lawyers who oversaw all legal, intellectual property and corporate development activity worldwide. He also had a significant role in marketing, public relations, investor relations, sponsorship initiatives and oversawmost major commercial agreements for the company. During his time at Crocs Mr. Rebich was an integral part of a management team that grew revenue from 1mm in 2003 to more than 850mm in 2007. In 2006 Mr. Rebich was part of the team that took Crocs public on the Nasdaq exchange. During the IPO process Mr. Rebich vetted and managed the company’s outside counsel and was integrally involved in the IPO process at every stage. Following the IPO, Mr. Rebich was a key part of the team that managed the company’s Sarbans Oxley and Nasdaq compliance requirements. He also was integral in preparing the company’s earnings reports, including advising and preparing the CEO and CFO for earnings announcements and investor calls. As Secretary he also attended and presented at all Board of Directors meetings. Mr. Rebich retired from Crocs on good terms at the end of 2009.

Since that time, Mr. Rebich has spent most of his time vetting and investing in private equity opportunities as the Owner and Manager of Hanalei Equity, LLC. He has analyzed opportunities in a number of areas, including medical products, consumer products, real estate and technology. In addition to running his own business, Mr. Rebich sits on the advisory board for Backjoy Orthotics, LLC and O’Connor Development, a commercial real estate company.