Grant McCargo Managing Director, Founder and CEO Biological Capital

Grant McCargo
Managing Director, Founder and CEO
Biological Capital

Grant McCargo brings more than 20 years of experience in sustainable development and conservation to Bio-Logical Capital. He is also the founder of Urban Villages, Inc., a leading-edge real estate development and investment firm. In his role as CEO, Grant establishes the vision for Bio-Logical Capital and takes the leads in investor and partner relations, policy and overall operations. He has successfully completed more than $2 billion of transactions and has developed and invested across all real estate asset types. Grant recently completed a 10-year term on the board of directors with the Colorado chapter of The Nature Conservancy, during which time he was instrumental in completing many complex, large-scale conservation transactions throughout the state.

"When I look at how we have developed over the last 100 years, I realize we are out of balance and making choices that don’t make sense in terms of economics and the environment. I had my ‘ah-ha’ moment in real estate years ago when I realized that long-term investment (designing projects to last for generations and to meet diverse needs) created better value. I had a similar ‘ah-ha’ moment about how we steward and live with land while volunteering for The Nature Conservancy and it has evolved into Bio-Logical Capital. Now, as a company, our challenge is to provide the ‘ah-ha’ moment for the business world to prove the business case that long-term investment that integrates diverse sustainable business development with ecological restoration and conservation is better for investors, communities and the land."