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Jerry Dackerman

Founder & CEO, Integral Performance


Jerry has over 30 years of leadership experience serving as CEO of six companies, two of which were listed on the NASDAQ exchange. He has been the Founder of five companies in the IT, marketing, telecom and consulting businesses. Jerry has presided over three turnarounds of financially troubled companies and several mergers and acquisitions. He has served on the Boards of public and private companies including New USA Mutual  Fund, USTel, Avasta and Evox OmniMedia.

Over the past nine years, he has consulted to international organizations leading large-scale initiatives that elevate organizational performance. Working in the domains of culture change, leadership development, strategic planning, business transformation and financial turnarounds, Jerry brings his corporate experience to his work with executive teams and other key functional leaders. He has consulted to firms in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Australia and Asia.

Using specialized executive coaching techniques and organization transformation skills, he assists leaders in accomplishing their mandates. His client work produces breakthroughs in individual performance and how to effectively deal with the rapid acceleration of change and increasing demands for elevated levels of organizational performance.

He is a recognized expert in the cutting edge Neuroleadership Model, which applies recent findings about the brain in an organizational leadership context, forming the basis of a New Model of Leadership. Clients include Honeywell, BP, Hess, Credit Suisse, Wunderman Europe and Ensign Energy.

Jerry Founded the Tuscany Leadership Institute in 2008, providing leadership and strategic planning sessions in Italy.

Integral Performance is an Institutional Growth Advisor for Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network, working with a broad range of rapidly expanding companies in several industries including technology.

He lives with his wife in Colorado, USA and Tuscany, Italy.