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Jim Schoettler

Manager & Co-Founder, Teliac Capital Partners


Jim is a manager and co-founder at Teliac Capital, a San Francisco-based quantitative hedge fund.  Jim has a long-standing interest in markets and investments, and has authored several articles for the Motley Fool.  Teliac is Jim’s sixth start-up, including finance and technology-based ventures in the Bay Area and real estate endeavors throughout the Western United States.  He is currently a partner in several residential and commercial projects in both Colorado and California.

Jim is a Field Active member for the Alpine Rescue Team and currently serves on the Board as team Treasurer.  Jim spent 9 years on the Board of the Children’s Museum of Denver, where he served as Board Chair and Chair for the Museum’s $16 million capital campaign.  Jim also served as Board Chair for the Colorado Fourteener’s Initiative.  In 2016, Jim was named head coach of Colorado’s elite men’s ultimate team, Johnny Bravo, and previously coached the University of Colorado Men’s Ultimate Team for six years, culminating in a National Championship and National Coach of the Year honors in 2014.

Jim is an accomplished athlete and outdoorsman.  He climbed his first 14,000-foot peak when he was 8 years-old while attending an outdoor summer camp in Durango, Colorado, and climbed his final Colorado 14er at the age of 32.  Jim has also climbed in South America, Africa and Alaska. Jim backpacked from Canada to Mexico and back again on the Pacific Crest and Continental Divide Trails, covering 6000 miles over the course of two summers.  He was collegiate Ultimate's national player of the year in 1997 and played elite level club Ultimate until retiring from competition in 2009.  

Jim grew up in Colorado and graduated from Stanford University in 1997, earning a BA in Economics and a BS and MS in Chemistry.  Jim lives in Golden with his wife, Melanie, his wife’s cat, and their two dogs.