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Larry Lisser

SVP Business Development and Strategy, HelloMD


After 18 glorious years living and working in San Francisco, Larry moved his family and business to Denver, CO in late 2014. And while Larry's career has been dominated by building and executing strategic go-to-market activities for startup, through publicly-traded B2B telecom and technology service providers, the move to Denver motivated a major pivot towards the emerging cannabis industry. Larry currently leads all business development and strategic planning for HelloMD - a tele-health platform, serving the medical cannabis ecosystem.

Embrase Business Consulting, Larry's firm for the last 12 years, has worked primarily on new product and new market activities for B2B service providers and as such he maintains an expansive network both in telecom and in the Bay Area. Additionally, Larry has provided pitch training to countless clients and very early stage startups, through Embrase but also through his ongoing involvement in a variety of startup events and associations.

Lastly, Larry blogs (somewhat) regularly at, documenting many of his discoveries as a recent transplant from the Bay Area.

Specialties: Cloud communications, VoIP, collaboration applications, indirect channel development, B2B, pitch deck development, messaging, cannabis industry.