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Leslie Carlson

COO, Jibu


Leslie Carlson is Founder and CEO of Carlson Advisors, a consulting group working with businesses and family offices.

Previously, she served as COO of a family and corporate office for an ultra-high-net-worth individual where she had responsibility for a diverse portfolio of businesses and investments, including the development of a significant   investment portfolio of early-stage companies primarily in the life science space.

Leslie has served as a Trustee for a number of trusts and personal entities with responsibility for investment strategy and decisions, as well as company acquisition and disposition strategies and implementation plans. She also set up a philanthropy program and supporting systems to facilitate giving and grants of up to one hundred million dollars annually.

Additionally, Leslie held officer positions in two major management firms with responsibility for strategic planning, operating and financial performance and growth, and strengthening management and executive teams. Assets under management were in excess of a billion dollars.

Leslie continues to serve as Advisor to the principal of the family office, serves on the Investment Committee of a Colorado venture capital firm, is a member of the Advisory Board of the Falling Forward Foundation, and is currently working with a non-profit assisting entrepreneurs in building businesses that will provide safe, affordable water in East African countries.

Leslie received her undergraduate degree from Albion College, Michigan and earned her graduate degree from the University of Colorado.