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Lloyd Starr

Founding Partner, Velocity Plus


Lloyd Starr is the former President and COO of Beatport. He was one of Beatport’s first employees, starting with the company in 2003 before the site launched, as a founding software developer. During his tenure, Beatport raised $12MM in Venture Capital, won the Denver Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Company two consecutive years and multiple other accolades for quality and design.

Before his exit, Starr played a key role in selling Beatport to SFXii for $58.6MM and helping take Beatport public with SFX which raised $800MM. Since exiting Beatport, Lloyd founded Velocity Plus. Velocity Plus enhances proven business operating systems with its proprietary V² FRAMEWORK™ to deliver ROI and scale quickly. Velocity Plus helps companies find and execute against their Vision using proven and/or custom business operating systems (e.g., EOS® Traction™, Objective Key Results (OKRs), Agile Scrum, etc... ). The V² FRAMEWORK™ enhances these systems where they fall short. Starr is also an advisor for several companies including Blackstone Entrepreneurial Network.

Previously, Lloyd held creative developer/product roles at such companies as Factory Design Labs and Spire Media. He currently lives in Denver and is an avid runner and martial artist.