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Mike Biselli

President, Catalyst HTI


Mike Biselli caught his first glimpse of the current state of US healthcare while working for several industry-leading medical device companies in Nevada and Colorado. Where others saw a healthcare system broken almost beyond repair, he quickly apprehended an opportunity to create innovative technology solutions that would increase patient engagement and improve population health, all while reducing costs. After co-founding MedPassage, his first attempt at easing the healthcare crisis through digital health technology, Mike began collaborating with a variety of individuals and organizations committed to fostering innovative approaches to improving healthcare in America.

Yet it was only while serving as a Board Member of Prime Health and a Senior Advisor to 10.10.10 that Mike fully comprehended the transformative potential of a growing grassroots movement that was intent on changing the US healthcare system for the better. Witnessing firsthand in Prime Health the tremendous power that a determined group of physicians, entrepreneurs, and technologists could wield, Mike realized just how much more could be achieved if that power were harnessed, and his vision for Catalyst HTI was born. Now, in partnership with governmental, academic, non-profit, and commercial organizations, Mike Biselli is developing a health-tech innovation ecosystem in Denver’s River North District (RiNo) that will bring together digital health startups and Fortune 20s alike in the race to fix American healthcare.

“We’re not going to re-imagine healthcare just through the largest and most powerful organizations that have dominated the space for the past fifty years. And it won’t happen with startups alone. We have to do it together. Because if we don’t, we are trending towards a five trillion dollar problem that can bring our country to its knees.”