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Neil Segall

EVP, Sales and Marketing, MapLarge


As EVP Sales and Marketing at MapLarge, Inc., Neil shapes and executes the company’s vision of bringing the power of Big Data Analytics and Visualization to make us safer, more productive, and more efficient.  His 25 years of start-up experience as a sales and marketing leader for software, telecom, networking, cyber security, and Big Data companies has yielded impressive results for stakeholders and shareholders.  Neil's deep industry knowledge and global experience in early and growth stages include fund raising, corporate development, and strategy. 

His passion for customer and partner care builds on values of respect, integrity, innovation and fun.

Neil served as CEO of Vigilance Networks, a cyber security company based in Israel.  He also served as Vice President of Enterprise and Government Solutions at Acme Packet (now Oracle), a networking and cyber security leader in the communications industry.  

Previously, Neil enjoyed over 15 years in executive roles in systems integration, enhanced services, consulting, and telecommunications, resulting in successful acquisitions by Nortel, SEMA, and Schlumberger.  He holds a Philosophy degree from Harvard University and a Professional Chef's degree from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.  

 After two delightful decades in Boston and 2M miles of global business travel, Neil moved his family to Denver in 2013.  His affinity for both work and play is balanced by his hobbies: cooking with friends and family, fine food and wine, skiing, poker, scuba, tennis, camping, and playing bass.