Network Companies

Network Companies expand our region’s network of entrepreneurs and sustainable successes. Each company engagement level varies depending on the stage of the company, the type of resources needed, and the key growth issues each CEO identifies.

BEN Colorado has welcomed over 90 different companies into the network to date and continues to seek more. Companies are defined within the Network as Gazelles, Prospective Gazelles, or To Watch, depending on their current stage of growth and scale-up potential. Based on how the company is classified within the Network, we promote it in ways tailored to their its position.  This might entail increasing its market visibility, providing new expertise, or offering a variety of opportunities to give back to the scale up community. To see a list of the qualifying guidelines for our network companies click here.

NEW NETWORK COMPANIES - Each month, one or two high-growth firms from Colorado present their story to our Network Advisors. It is an opportunity for them to meet serially successful entrepreneurs and formally apply to become a member of our network. This month we are excited to welcome these new companies to our community.

GAZELLE COMPANIES - We are excited to feature our Gazelle Companies. These companies are categorized by their rapid growth and clear potential to quickly scale to large economic profiles and outcomes.

CURRENT NETWORK COMPANIES - We are privileged to work with these companies currently and are excited to see the impact they make on the Colorado entrepreneurial community.

ALUMNI COMPANIES - We were privileged to work with these companies in our third year and are excited to see the impact they have made on the Colorado entrepreneurial community. Thank you for your support!