Aerospace is a fast-growing commercial industry throughout the nation, but it is an industry that Colorado excels in. In 2011, the industry employed over 66,000 workers and generated about $16 billion in sales which comprised 3.8 percent of Colorado’s private-sector GDP. Maybe it is because Colorado has a 5,280 foot advantage on the rest of the country, but Colorado has shown to be extremely well positioned to serve as a hub for the aerospace industry as demonstrated by the successes of companies such as Ball Aerospace and Lockheed Martin. Due to the many well-established aerospace companies in Colorado, the state has a high demand for innovation within the manufacturing, engineering, software, and technology sub-sectors of aerospace. With connections to many of the large aerospace companies, the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network is well suited to explore the various entrepreneurial companies from the many sub-sectors to determine their individual potential as well as the potential advancement each can add to the Colorado aerospace industry as a whole.