Service provider request:

If you would like to offer services to BEN Network companies, please provide as much information about your offering as possible. We highly suggest that you make a unique service offering specifically for our network members to drive value. Where appropriate we will provide your information to our network companies, which may include sharing your information on our website. Posting of submissions is solely at the discretion of the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network. Our website is continuously updated and service offerings may be periodically removed as needed. 

We do not share network member/company contact information directly. This listing is an opportunity for you to gain visibility with network members for the services you provide. We will provide access to this page but any contacts or business resulting from this listing is entirely at the discretion of each individual member; they will contact you if interested.

Please note: This listing will be active for 60 days. Should you need to change your listing or if you would like it to be reposted, contact Jake at 


Please provide a short description of the service(s) you intend on providing for BEN Network companies
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