Paul Gibbons  Principal, PGP Consulting   Linkedin

Paul Gibbons

Principal, PGP Consulting


I have 30 plus years in business, as a banker, trader, consultant, entrepreneur, and part-time professor. During those years my passions have been learning, both in the personal development arena, and in science and philosophy. I see business as the way we realize the potential of science and technology, for the betterment of humankind. The power business enjoys today (globally) is enormous, so business requires an ethical foundation to ensure that that power creates sustainable growth, and solves the world's problems rather than creating more.

My mission is to bring the best scholarship and insight to the expert community from disciplines outside or at the periphery of those studied in traditional business schools, subjects such as neuroscience, behavioral economics, sociology and philosophy.  

While contributing to the advance of business thinking, I aim to bring practical, usable tools to business people, consulting services to business, and 'intelligent inspiration' to audiences.

My five year vision is to transform business practice through publication of unorthodox, challenging, though-provoking material, and to guide businesses in its application. The dream is two New York Times best-sellers and a host or products and smaller books that make big differences in the day-to-day lives of business people.