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Ron Gerrans 

Managing Partner, Alpine Performance Partners



Ron has built his career at the intersection of strategy, technology and operations. He is recognized for his ability to understand technology and technical trends, develop business strategies that take those into account, and drive the execution of those strategies. His unique talents are based on his passion for clearly understanding business opportunities and threats in order to map out and execute a plan forward to drive company growth. He is an innovations expert who leverages the strengths of the organization while mentoring and supporting his teams to maximize their performance. He is a practical visionary, who identifies and connects opportunities while establishing priorities and working through the details.

Effective strategy in the digital age is achieved from a set of critical capabilities which Ron brings: 1) Strategic Mindset to develop, evaluate and optimize strategic choices, while communicating with them in a clear and compelling manner; 2) Execution Focus to evaluate and optimize internal capabilities, develop operational plans, and drive execution of those plans; and 3) Technological Passion to drive continuous learning around new technical trends and related business impacts.

Ron’s expertise stems from over two decades of experience in roles spanning all these aspects of strategic growth in diverse B2B industries. With his most recent company, GeoLens, he changed the corporate strategy to focus on a building a SaaS product to disrupt the real estate development industry, resulting in a 10X growth in core MRR, a $10+ million sales pipeline and the successful closing of a Seed investment round.

Previous to that, Ron developed the strategy and launched a new products business unit for a $1+ billion consulting company by developing products based around their internal IP. Before that, he led the turnaround and management buyout of an unprofitable and shrinking McGraw-Hill business unit, resulting in a 21⁄2 times growth in revenue, achieving double-digit EBITDA, completing a strategic acquisition and , and obtaining a buyout offer that would have returned the original investors 15X return on their investment. Earlier, Ron developed a new strategy for a $100 million provider of extended service contracts resulting in over 300% top line growth and their eventual acquisition by a large private equity company. Ron has also led client services teams and built a practice group for a large internet development firm, and worked as a strategic consultant for an international consulting firm. Ron has also served as an advisor to multiple technology-enabled B2B and B2C companies where he has helped their executive teams map out strategies and execute operational plans.

Ron earned his MBA with an emphasis in strategy and operations from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in architectural engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He is also an outdoors enthusiast who spends his free time with his family skiing, biking, and hiking.