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Scott Ford

Former President/COO of Rapt Media


Scott Ford is an executive with experience in technology, sales, international business and startup organizations. Most recently, he was the COO/President of Rapt Media, where he oversaw 4x YOY sales growth, including negotiating a global licensing agreement with The Walt Disney Company. Originally funded through Techstars Boulder 2011, Scott completed the Series B funding round for Rapt. 

Prior to Rapt, Scott spent 10 years as the Vice President, Global Operations, for ZOLL Medical, where he helped the company grow from $200M to over $600M, before its acquisition by global Japanese chemical and healthcare company, Asahi Kasei for $2.2B. Following the acquisition, Scott took on the additional responsibility for international software sales. During his tenure, the software division grew from $12M to nearly $50M. 

Scott was also the founder and CEO of On-The-Block Auction, where he established the first hub-and-spoke online trading platform with multiple drop-off locations throughout Denver and Boulder. Using their custom developed software suite, On-The-Block Auction was able to streamline the intake, sales, shipping and payment processes, reducing handling time by over 400%. Prior to a successful exit in 2006, On-The-Block Auction was the largest eBay Marketplace in Colorado and a Top 100 eBay Trading Post nationwide.

Scott’s strength is in developing and implementing strategic plans and processes to maximize human capital, operational efficiency, and profits. He’s adept at translating complex technical issues into streamlined business processes and has extensive experience forming and facilitating cross-functional teams to achieve results. Scott earned his masters of business administration from the University of Colorado, and has a bachelors of arts degree in English from California State University, Long Beach. He currently serves as a mentor to Techstars Boulder and an advisor to the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network (BEN).