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Tom Iyoob

Co-Founder, Velocity Plus


Tom is a founding partner of Velocity Plus. Velocity Plus is focused on helping businesses increase revenue with their current assets, unlock new growth opportunities through obtaining operational efficiency, improving the value of existing relationships, building new strategic relationships, and bringing new monetization models to the companies it helps. Tom is well equipped to help companies succeed. Over his 35+ yr. career Tom has built and sold 3 successful businesses. He has been nicknamed the “rain maker” by his peers because of his uncanny ability to sort through the noise and solve the real problems in an organization. Tom has worked for IBM and several of its affiliated companies over the years holding executive positions in high growth/high risk lines of business. Tom is also the founder of SPD Consulting Group, a global consulting practice, where he currently acts as advisor.

When he is not helping companies grow, Tom can be found on the slopes, hiking, or creating fine art with his photography. Tom resides in the greater Denver Colorado area with his wife and two dogs.