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Tom Lookabaugh

Chief R&D Officer, CableLabs


Tom Lookabaugh leads CableLabs’ research and development efforts, bringing more than twenty years of experience in developing technology solutions for cable, satellite, telecom and broadcast.

Prior to joining CableLabs, Tom served as the vice president of ViaSat Communications’ commercial mobility business unit.  He has also held the position of chief technology officer at Entropic Communications, a networking and RF fabless semiconductor company. Before Entropic Communications, Tom was the chief executive officer at PolyCipher, a joint venture formed by Comcast, Time Warner and Cox Communications to develop downloadable conditional access security products. He was also a co-founder of DiviCom and led the integration and execution of Harmonic’s video infrastructure business after Harmonic purchased DiviCom in 2000. Tom earned his Ph.D. and three master’s degrees at Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree at Colorado School of Mines.