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Trish Thomas



Trish Thomas is the CEO of TEEM, a marketing and advertising agency in Boulder built on an independent talent model.  She has a diverse corporate background encompassing healthcare, technology, marketing and PR, and holds a BS in Computer Information Systems as well as a MBA in Management and Strategy.  Prior to taking the helm at TEEM, Trish spent thirteen years consulting with fast-track growth companies. Over the years, she has advised organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies with a track record of boosting performance and profitability rapidly. At TEEM, she and her team are challenging the status quo in advertising and reimagining the way teams work together to deliver great creative. She is a frequent speaker on leadership, new workforce dynamics, strategy, branding and marketing. Along with mentoring for BEN, Trish serves on the Board of the Women's Council and the Leeds School of Business at CU Boulder and is Past Chair of the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau.