Creating Value through Community.


The Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Colorado (BENCO) strengthens Colorado's entrepreneurial ecosystem by connecting high-growth CEOs with serially successful entrepreneurs and community resources.

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Why Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network —


Curated Connections

We curate resources and relationships for Colorado companies and CEOs in support of their growth goals. We work to make the right connection to the right resource, and we do it at the right time for your business.



Scale-up companies continue to grow and start-ups continue to emerge in Colorado. This healthy and thriving ecosystem wouldn’t be possible without the support of a collaborative group of entrepreneurs. We build a give-first community where our members are inspired to share their time and expertise with each other.


Peer-to-Peer Value

The members of our network are proven entrepreneurs who serve together and invest in each other's success. We build relationships based on shared experiences, interests, or needs.

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Thank you to our Community Partners —

Community Partners are individuals or organizations that support the work of the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network Colorado. Our partners are committed to giving first in support of Colorado's entrepreneurs. 

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What People are Saying —

As an Advisor and Steering Committee Member with the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network, I’ve had the opportunity to engage and interact with many entrepreneurs, in other industries around Colorado, that I would haven’t otherwise connected with. These entrepreneurs are running great businesses that are scaling up dramatically, and the ability to learn from them, and help them based on the experience I’ve had in the tech industry has been very rewarding.
— Brad Feld, Managing director at Foundry Group
I have been involved with BEN since its launch last spring. It has truly been a one-of- a-kind mentoring experience as I have been exposed to companies and peers outside of my natural food expertise. This cross-industry interaction has been rewarding to me personally as I have been able to experience the wisdom of other executives. Additionally, watching fast growing companies share their stories has been inspirational. I believe the entrepreneur community in Colorado has been raised to a new level through the focus of BEN. I am thrilled to be a part of the network!
— Jane Miller, CEO & Founder at Jane Knows
Since being invited into the BEN program the entire trajectory of my business has changed. I have been able to take the critical feedback and quickly identify and add two much-needed members of our executive team (both BEN Advisors), raised a bridge round of financing and put the wheels in motion for an institutional capital raise. The resources I was connected to through BEN have been life altering for both the business and for me personally.
— Todd Lindenbaum, CEO at SuiteHop
BEN Colorado has brought together a powerful group of Colorado’s most successful entrepreneurs from across our state to support and promote the scale-up ecosystem. The ongoing investment in our community will continue to make Colorado the ideal home for start-ups and scale-ups alike.
— John Hickenlooper, Governor